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Invited Talks at Akron

Invited Talks at Akron

For those interested, check out this audio & slide recording of my talk on how to get involved in research – starting from the perspective of an undeclared freshman interested in science to the point where I am today. I was at no point trying to preach, I was just trying to relate and tell my story. I was very fortunate to be selected as a part of the university’s STEM speaker series, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I also gave a more technical presentation on my work developing a BCI-Browser for internet use with the P300 Speller paradigm (with a little extra about my doctoral work). The place was absolutely packed – some people stood in the back – and although I’d like to think that it was just to see me present, I’m really glad that so many people are interested in theĀ topic of brain-computer interface.

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